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Bee In Honey

Bee In Honey came to me in a swarm of bees. Literally. I knew I wanted to start a blog to share experiences I have lived being gay, growing up in a Romanian family of 15 siblings with religious af parents and being in a committed relationship for 8 years (a life time for gay couples) only to break up and have to rebuild my life from nothing.

One day I was in my head thinking of captivating blog names that will stand out among the millions of websites when a swarm of bees covered the second story of my ex's sisters house. (Read more on that while you buzz around the rest of this site.) And I'm not just talking about 100s of bees. It was thousands. They decided to give the second story of the house a new paint job, specifically outside the bedroom window I was pondering my life in. That's it! Bees!

One of the hardest working insects that produce the sweet honey we all love. We're all bees and life is honey. Sometimes we can get stuck in an oooey gooey mess. Like honey, life is sweet and beautiful but it can get hard to navigate through, the key is to never stop trying.

My intention for this blog is to provide a space where you can make it through life's stickiness by flying above the expectations and voices in your head. I hope you extract nectar from my advice and grow a bee hive that will support your newfound positive growth. 

Let's Buzz together Bee.

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